Entry Form & Rules


*** Air Guitar UK are currently taking a sabbatical ***

Competition Rules

There are 2 rounds to the competition, designed to test air guitarists to the very limits of their abilities: 

The 1st round is freestyle, a performance to 60 seconds of any track of the competitor's choice (you can bring your own, it can be any 60 seconds from any song or any edit or remix you like. You will need to email it to us or bring it with you on a USB stick on the night. Top tip: Use an audio tool like Audacity to grab your perfect 60 seconds!).

Each of the judges awards a score from 4.0 to 6.0 (6.0 being the perfect score). The criteria in a nutshell are as follows:

  • Technical Merit - Does it look like you're playing some kind of guitar?
  • Stage Presence - Are the crowd going wild, putty in your hands?
  • Airness - That essential, transcendent, indefinable quality that all air guitarists strive for...

Air guitar is an art not a science, and the judge's scoring is independent (meaning we have no control over the scores given), subjective (meaning it's totally a matter of the judge's own feelings) and final (meaning no arguing over the scores).

For more detail on judging check out the BBC article and video here.

The top scorers from the 1st round go through to the 2nd round, which is a performance to 60 seconds of the same, secret, surprise track of AGUK's choice.

Again, each of the judges awards a score from 4.0 to 6.0 based on the criteria above.

The winner is the air guitarist with the highest score over both rounds (ties are decided by additional “air-off” rounds).

They must be solo performances, but air roadies are allowed on stage up until the tracks start. There should be no actual guitars (obviously). There is no dress code.