2014 World Results!

Congratulations to Air Guitar UK Champion Boy Named Sue on 15th place, AND congratulations to AGUK 2nd place and Dark Horse entrant The Bandit on 14th place! 0.1 points between them, amazingly close!

2014 UK Results

The 2014 Air Guitar UK Championships in it's ninth glorious year as the one-and-only officially recognised UK heat of the Air Guitar World Championships and the battle for the coveted title of greatest air guitarist in the country, came to a thunderously sweaty, sweary, and raucous conclusion on Saturday July 19th, with air guitarist Boy Named Sue taking the crown!

Final rankings:

RankAir Guitar NameScore
1Boy Named Sue35.5
2The Bandit35
3Tough Jahaymese33.3
3Vince Viper33.3
4Twiggy McNutsack31.8
6Whiskey Roxx16.6
7T-Bone McLazerfists15.5
8The Frightened Rabbit15
9Hero Of The Day13.5
10Will Scrim13.4
11Sugarloaf McPimpslap13
13D.J Silky Fresh12.3

Detailed score break-down;


RankAir Guitar NameTrackJudge 1Judge 2Judge 3Total
13D.J Silky Fresh
The Enemy – Away From Here4.
Custom edit4.
11Sugarloaf McPimpslap
Dire Straits – Sultans of Swing4.
10Will ScrimRed Hot Chilli Peppers – Dani California4.64.44.413.4
9Hero Of The Day
Foo Fighters – Pretender4.44.64.513.5
8The Frightened Rabbit
Kings of Leon – Four Kicks5.05.14.915.0
7T-Bone McLazerfists
Metallica – Fade to Black5.
Barón Rojo – Czardas5.55.55.616.6
6Whiskey Roxx
Greenday – American Idiot5.45.55.716.6
Custom edit5.85.65.416.8
4Twiggy McNutsack
Foo Fighters – Monkey Wrench5.65.55.917.0
4Vince Viper
Iron Maiden – The Trooper5.65.75.717.0
3Tough Jahaymese
Yngwie Malmsteen - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
2The Bandit
Custom edit5.
1Boy Named Sue
Pantera – Walk5.
FINAL ROUND – Track: Chad and the Meatbodies – Wahoo

RankAir Guitar NameJudge 1Judge 2Judge 3TotalGrand Total
5Twiggy McNutsack5.14.94.814.831.8
4Tough Jahaymese5.45.55.516.433.5
3Vince Viper5.55.45.616.533.5
2The Bandit5.85.85.917.535.0
1Boy Named Sue65.9617.935.6

Official Warm-Up Party

The 2014 Official Warm-up Party for the Championships rocked The World's End, Camden on Friday the 18th of July. We shredded-up the place with a night of aireoke (air guitar karaoke) awesomeness, and not only that, but the best air guitar of the evening as judged by the audience, won a real there guitar, a special edition Jack Daniels Fender Squier!

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